The Same Frequency

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Artist : Mahen Shammugan
Medium : Acrylic Paint
Material : Wood
Dimensions : 33.36 x 63.72 inches (84.73 x 161.85 cm)

Our (human) universe works on polarities, both go hands-in-hands and complement each other, just like the kundalini energy risingĀ along the ida and pingala nadis (right and left main energy channels spiraling around the spine).

Weight N/A
Dimensions 33.36 × 63.72 in
Framing Options

No Frame, ID15- 0.8 Inches Black Frame, ID15- 0.8 Inches Brown Frame, ID15- One Inch White Frame, ID29- Two Inches Brown Frame, ID29-Two Inches Black Frame, ID37- 1.3 Inches Black Frame, ID38- 1.5 Inches Brown Frame


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