About Our Company

Kath Bitha is a start-up organization that was developed with the intention of promoting and helping Sri Lankan artists to gain a firm foothold amongst art connoisseurs in every corner of the world. The Kath Bitha team collects the paintings of talented artists, takes pictures of those paintings and make them available on the Kath Bitha website. These paintings while marketed locally are also marketed overseas targeting Sri Lankans and non-Sri Lankans.


Paint colour into the lives of people through art


To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service, and self-fulfillment needs of artistic people and art lovers both locally and internationally in the most convenient manner.


Kath Bitha, is a digital Mirror Wall featuring over 2,000 paintings of Sri Lankan artists. Similar to the admirers who inscribed their expressions on the Sigiriya Mirror Wall, Kath Bitha comprises the heartfelt sentiments of Sri Lankan artists.

A wide range of contemporary art, of the exceptional artists of Sri Lanka, is featured in this online gallery where artists’ expressions are updated daily. Kath Bitha guarantees authenticity and transparency in this unique online aesthetic experience. Whatever your desire in art may be, you may get it delivered safely to any part of the world at with the click of a button. Framed art can also be customized with preferred framing and glass options.

Kath Bitha endeavors to promote and uplift the often-forgotten talented Lankan artist. This is achieved by instilling in the art consumer the value of the Sri Lankan artist who is neither a businessman nor an advertiser.

Kath Bitha is your portal to find thousands of original works by both seasoned and budding Lankan artists. Be it a renowned artist, a free-spirited newcomer or a first piece of emotion, you’ll find it all here. No more gallery visits, discussions and negotiations with gallery owners and artists. Discover art that talks to you and is an expression of your unique taste. All in the comfort and leisure of your home, any time of the day all year round. Once you place your order, sit back and relax, Kath Bitha will make it available to you right away.

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