The God Within

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Artist : Mahen Shammugan
Medium : Acrylic Paint
Material : Canvas
Dimensions : 37.8 x 55.92 inches (96.01 x 142.04 cm)

This painting was created in 2017 and introduced the concept of the “GOD Within” collection, which depicts Mahen’s own inner deity, by drawing it inside a silhouette, generally a feminine one. The particularity of this painting is that the shape outside of the body, painted in solid red, has been added onto an old painting, which Mahen didn’t want to keep. A lot more details were added within the ‘body-shape’ in the process.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 37.8 × 55.92 in
Framing Options

No Frame, ID15- 0.8 Inches Black Frame, ID15- 0.8 Inches Brown Frame, ID15- One Inch White Frame, ID29- Two Inches Brown Frame, ID29-Two Inches Black Frame, ID37- 1.3 Inches Black Frame, ID38- 1.5 Inches Brown Frame


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