Mirror to the Soul

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Artist : Mahen Shammugan
Medium : Acrylic Paint
Material : Board
Dimensions : 31.44 x 25.56 inches (79.86 x 64.92 cm)

The emotions you feel looking deeply in the eyes are something very personal. It’s not for no reasons that we say they are a mirror to the soul. When you meditate on the eyes, whether of a person or on a picture, you sometimes see very powerful and surprising emotions. What you see is actually what lies deep inside of you… Here’s an interesting article linking the Soul with ancient vedic philosophy and modern quantum physics.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 31.44 × 25.56 in
Framing Options

No Frame, ID15- 0.8 Inches Black Frame, ID15- 0.8 Inches Brown Frame, ID15- One Inch White Frame, ID29- Two Inches Brown Frame, ID29-Two Inches Black Frame, ID37- 1.3 Inches Black Frame, ID38- 1.5 Inches Brown Frame


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