Animal Kingdom

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Artist : Anura Srinath
Medium : Acrylic paint
Material : Canvas
Dimensions : 61.92 x 70.8 inches (157.28 x 179.83 cm)

There are about 250 animals in the artwork, ranging from elephants to ants. While the artwork depicts all of the world’s quadrupeds, birds, insects, and reptiles coexist with them, reducing their loneliness. The artwork is inspired by the enthralling beauty of nature and its magnificent animals. He worked on this painting for six months with zeal.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 61.92 × 70.8 in
Framing Options

No Frame, ID15- 0.8 Inches Black Frame, ID15- 0.8 Inches Brown Frame, ID15- One Inch White Frame, ID29- Two Inches Brown Frame, ID29-Two Inches Black Frame, ID37- 1.3 Inches Black Frame, ID38- 1.5 Inches Brown Frame


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